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As a professional manufacturer and exporter of natural stone products, GRAND STONE took many years' experience of stone business, and carried a very comprehensive product-line with super quality control system. We have three workshops with advanced facilities for natural stone production. And in order to diversify our products with competitive prices , we also have very good cooperative relationships with other partner factories. Therefore we believe we can offer you high quality, excellent service, competitive prices and on-time delivery. Our goods are constantly sold to America.....


Sandstone is a hard sedimentary rock which is resistant to most acids and alkalis. China has an extensive range of sandstone colors. Sandstone is also weather resistant and can be used in light to medium traffic commercial areas for indoor and outdoor applications. Being weather resistant, sandstones can be used for garden items, landscaping and surrounding areas of swimming pools.
Slate is a decorative natural stone occurring in layered form. It is mainly used for rooftops, indoor wall claddings and light duty flooring with suitable impregnation. Some of the harder varieties can be used for outdoor applications.
Slates are extremely durable and they do not warp, twist or delaminate and as a bonus is virtually maintenance free. Slates are associated with a country look but can look equally stunning in a modern set up. We have a vast selection of slates from both North of China and also South of China..

Limestone is a very hard sedimentary rock. Although limestones are not resistant to all acids, they are very hard and virtually non porous thereby offering a reasonable resistance to weather. Limestones are normally used for indoors and outdoor applications (mainly as paving). Various lime colors offers immense design possibilities to architects & designers.

Pebbles are often used as decorative gravel around the house. They have smoothly edged and can be used as path ways, top layer of driveways or in larger sizes for ditches. Loose and meshed pebbles can be creatively used to form different figures and designs. These pebble are available in earthy tones and can also be used in combination with other stones. Pebbled tiles are increasingly becoming popular.
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